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Thinking about who a person is as a whole and enabling them to celebrate who they are in a supportive environment, brings out their amazing abilities.


ThinkAbility provides expert-led training to all organisations that strive to incorporate positive workplaces or sporting experiences for adults and young people who wish to enhance or introduce a strong ethos in terms of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within their teams. Our areas of expertise include neurodiversity training, disability inclusivity training, gender diversity training and establishing strong anti-racism and inclusive LGBTQ+ environments. 

"All Organisations Can Be Inclusive"
Nathan Popple-Training Consultant


About Us

Our highly qualified consultants who also have significant lived experience in their specialisms provide training to business and sports organisations in areas such neurodiversity, gender-inclusion, disability, LGBTQ* anti-racism and ethnicity inclusivity. Incorporating an ethos of looking at the person as a whole encourages and enables their abilities to reach full-potential.


Our Team

Our team are industry specialists in diversity inclusion in industry and sport. We offer significant expertise in the fields of neurodiversity, gender-inclusivity, mental health, disability, LGBTQ*, race and ethnicity. Our qualified trainers provide insightful and accredited training to all organisations that strive to be inclusive and concentrate on individuals in order to bring out their best abilities.

Training for care & organisation managers & workers

Personal support advice & mentoring for people with disabilities and/or acquired brain injuries

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